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For over 27 years, Massachusetts based photographer Eric Nordberg has provided award-winning images to professional individuals, schools, institutions, small businesses and corporations for promotional purposes.

Eric founded Nordberg Photography in 1994 after earning a degree in Journalism with an emphasis on photography from University of Hartford. He also completed courses in large format photography and advanced studio lighting techniques from New England School of Photography.

Early in his career, Eric was a contract photographer for FayFoto, Cambridge Photography, Atlantic Photo and FinePoint Photography covering a wide range of commercial assignments including corporate portraits, events and school photography. This job required versatility, a high level of technical photographic skills, consistent results and quality customer service.

As his career progressed, Eric acquired a number of personal clients including The Boston Globe, Museum of Science, Children's Hospital, Mullen Advertising, OHO Interactive, Matter Communications, Inflexxion and many more. Eric built his business by always putting his clients objectives first and forming long-term relationships.

Throughout his career, Eric has strived to capture images that evoke a positive reaction and stimulate a lasting impression which is appropriate for each situation. Every assignment is equally important and the shoot is not over until we get successful results!


Don Norton, Graphic Design Manager at the Boston Globe, writes “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nordberg Photography on a number of occasions. Each collaboration has been a success. In two instances the work has been award-winning. Eric’s attention to detail and his sensitivity to the artistic direction have always impressed me. While there is a willingness to suggest creative ideas when appropriate… that certain visual twist, it is always tempered with a healthy respect and understanding of the client’s ultimate goal. Eric’s desire to create moving, effective imagery and his ability to get the job done on time and on budget makes any collaboration with Nordberg Photo a pleasure. Top qualities: great results, personable, high integrity."

Carl Zukroff, Director of Marketing Communications at the Museum of Science, writes “Eric’s facility with the technology of photographic success... from creative use of lighting to unusual visual points of view, is an equal partner to his ability to make his human subjects feel at ease. His work on several annual reports for the Museum of Science in Boston produced accolades not only from the people he photographed, but also from the marketing and advancement division managers for whom this product was critically important. Eric Was never flustered by late arrivals or changes of venue during a shoot, and his easy use of contemporary software made the review process seamless under tight deadlines. I have no hesitation recommending Eric to any potential client. Top qualities: great results, personable, expert." One of the Museum of Science annual reports received the MarCom Industry Platinum Award.

Andrew Fletcher, Associate Director of Communications at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, writes "Capturing the dynamism of a school spread across three campuses and comprised of over 1,100 students and faculty is a legitimate challenge, but one that Eric has handled effortlessly for more than twenty years. In what must be well over 400 shoots we've hired him for, the results have been consistently first-rate. Whether directed to capture specific shots, or left to follow his own nose and freelance to find the most captivating images, I never have any concerns with a shoot that Eric is involved in. Punctual, professional, and attentive to client needs, Eric has always captured our school compellingly."

Jeremy Solomon, Associate Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs at Simmons College, writes "Eric is a talented photographer in whom I have entrusted some of my institution's most high-profile shoots. He is tireless at events, covering all angles. He is equally effective at planned shoots, having taken shots that we have used in publications and for web content for many years afterward. Eric provides a unique combination of practical hard work with impressive artistry, ensuring you will receive the shots you need with a healthy mix of photos that will blow you away. He is respectful and pleasant as well - I recommend him highly!"

Jane Ciccone, Co-Owner at Onesto Foods, writes "Eric is absolutely wonderful! From the first moment I met him, he was so welcoming, kind and friendly. His attention to detail is amazing. I knew we were in good hands from the very first image he photographed! I would 100% recommend him to anyone that is in need of a photographer. Talented doesn't even come close to describing him! We get so many compliments from the photos on our site, thanks to Eric!"

Work with me!

Pictures only tell part of the story! Experience and knowledge are paramount in achieving quality results for every client on every job. Below is a brief description of how I approach each assignment for a given area of photography.


I enjoy capturing unique images of people in their work environment and find that this is a great way for potential customers to identify with the product, service or skill my clients are promoting. Placing faces with what is offered sends a message that there are "actual people" who have a passion for what they do and stand behind it. 

Taking a moment to get to know my clients, and learning what makes them special in their field of work is essential to the photographic process. Clients feel more at ease and confident when they know I genuinely care about what they do and why they chose their particular career. This is reflected in the images I capture, because clients know I understand their goals and in turn they feel more relaxed during a photo shoot.

I am not only capturing images during a session, I believe in forming positive long lasting relationships with my clients. Success is reciprocal and I am looking for clients who want to grow their business using my artistic vision over time. 


One of my specialties is documenting all aspects of school and institutional life for general promotional use; annual reports, school magazines, viewbooks, website content and other online or printed materials. I work closely with Marketing and Communications, Alumni Affairs and  Development departments to make sure their goals and expectations are met.

I enjoy capturing the fervor and energy these special communities develop and nurture over time, and I am drawn by the variety of activities that can at times challenge even the most skilled photographers. This is the area where versatility is essential, because the atmosphere can often be hectic and unpredictable...handling difficult lighting conditions, juggling multiple events at one time, remaining unobtrusive to avoid being a distraction, being in the right place at the right time (anticipation) and mastering flashless photography skills in sensitive situations are some of the challenges associated with this area of work.

Some of the schools and institutions I have worked with include: Buckingham Browne and Nichols (BB&N); Cambridge Public Schools; Dana Hall; Emerson College; Harvard University; MassBay Community College; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Simmons College; Suffolk University; University of Massachusetts; Wellesley College

Senior Portraits

I believe a student's senior year of high school is one of the most special and pivotal moments in life. Emotions are high, and capturing the person you have grown into throughout your school years is a moment worth documenting. The best way to remember this time is through a portrait that brings out your unique personality. I approach every senior portrait session with a sense of respect for the magnitude of the moment. Each session should be considered a celebration of personal accomplishments and optimism for the future. Allowing my subjects to feel at ease and be themselves is very important. I have included a detailed description of what to expect  and price list following the images on my Senior Portrait page for your convenience. Please don't hesitate to contact me to find out more, or book a session.


I take a photojournalistic approach to my lifestyle and editorial assignments by incorporating a behind-the-scenes style. I have a lot of experience capturing candid shots of people engaged in various activities and interacting with others. While there are times these assignments require some orchestration, I try to then step back and let the magic happen naturally.

Lifestyle is all about creating the right mood for the message being conveyed in each situation. Whether working with models or whatever the circumstances may be, a relaxed environment produces the best photographic results. I have had a number of assignments, particularly for the Boston Globe's Marketing Design Department, that have required a conceptual approach to obtain quality results.    


Set design, creative lighting and attention to detail are thoughts that come to mind when I shoot still life. While working for Visual Design Associates (VDA) in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Northshore Music Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts early in my career I learned how to master these three skills. I worked on the design and setup of numerous productions and events... lighting was also a crucial factor in the process.

I applied these skills to many photography assignments, including product and conceptual still life both in the studio and on location. One aspect I love about working with still life is the vast options available and having complete control over the subject. I enjoy creating my own environment using all the tools available in a studio setting, from props and specialized lighting to exposure and manipulation tricks not possible with human subjects. One of the greatest rewards in this area of photography is when people ask me how I accomplished a certain shot, because there are times the results can seem almost magical.

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Pricing for commissioned shoots

Pricing is based on the circumstances of the shoot. Factors that may affect pricing include time spent, travel time, type of equipment needed, need for an assistant or stylist/makeup artist, number of images provided and type of image use. 

Because every client's needs vary, Nordberg Photography usually provides a detailed written estimate  for each project. Our pricing is very competitive given the expertise and vast experience we offer and we do try to work within set budgets whenever possible.

Additional information

Design Services

Nordberg Photography works in partnership with Dabcovich Design to provide custom graphic design and visual services for advertising, marketing and communication. Please visit www.dabcovichdesign.com for more information.


MarCom Industry Platinum Award for the Museum of Science Annual Report.

ACME Award of Excellence from the Newspaper Association of America.

Graphic Design USA Award for an advertising campaign for the Boston Globe's "BostonWorks" (the photos were the main focus of the ads).

Photographers Forum, Best of Photography Annual. Honorable mention in the still life category.

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